10 Easy Tips For A Beautiful Engagement

10 Easy Tips For A Beautiful Engagement

Wow, you’re engaged! If you’re anything like me, you immediately jumped into franticly planning and hyper-focusing on perfecting every single detail. Now that you’ve gotten that out of your system, TAKE A BREATHE and relish in the fact that you get to marry the love of your life and enter into the next phase of being a beautifully engaged couple!  How cool is that? Read on for my 10 Easy Tips for A Beautiful Engagement that will keep you organized and on track for a successful and stress-free wedding! 

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You and your partner have committed to a lifetime together… THAT IS A BIG DEAL! Relish in how beautiful it is that you’ve made this commitment and are now in the process of not only marrying into each other’s family but starting your own!

So many times I’ve seen couples dive into planning and don’t stop to smell the newly engaged roses! Take a deep breath, stare into each other’s eyes, and giggle over how excited you are.

Share The Love!

Be very mindful before posting to social media. In my experience, people get upset if they have to find out from Instagram rather than a phone call. Although you can’t please everyone, call the people who are closest to you so that they can experience a more personal connection to your engagement.

Engagement Wedding Ring
Engagement Ring for Oregon Coast Wedding

Insure That Bling, Baby!

Protect that precious ring and get it insured ASAP! I used and loved BriteCo! $5 a month is a small amount of cabbage to ensure you always have your carats! 

What Kind Of Wedding Do You Want?

Okay, the roses are starting to smell, and now it’s time to chat about the basics of how you picture saying “I do” to each other. Having an open dialogue with your partner is essential for prenuptial planning. Things will come up and drama with family and friends will happen, so you and your partner should be on the same page about your wedding day vision. 

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What Is Your Budget?

Will your parents be contributing? And if so, make sure you’re comfortable with the strings they are attaching. If you’re using your own money, financial experts like the website Financial Samurai, recommend not spending any more than 10% of your newly combined household income. Typically the breakdown of a wedding budget is along these lines: 

Catering Budget Tips For Your Wedding
Budget Tips for your engagement.

Hire A Wedding Planner!

Now that I think about it, this might be my number one recommendation for couples planning a wedding. This comes from the planner in me and also the caterer in me!

Even if you’re eloping, having someone help and take some of the pressure off is a great way to keep you in check and help you prepare and create the wedding of your dreams. And if you hire a good one, they will even tell you “no” when no one else will and when you need to hear it the most.

The best planners have a great sense of humor, are confident, and can take charge of a situation! Check out our recommendations for planners and other vendors HERE!

Date Vs Venue

Since COVID, venues are extremely backed up.  I’d recommend looking at venues and checking out their timelines before picking a date.

If you’re anything like me, I have a thing with numbers, but detaching myself from a set date really helped when finding my dream venue, which in the end, was way more important to us!  

Choosing a date and a venue for your wedding date.

What Are Your Financial Goals and Priorities For A Joint Future?

Not only a boring topic but an intense one! Financial goals are critical, especially nowadays when the cost of living and goods is on a crazy rise!

Although it can be a sensitive topic, discussing debt, 10-year financial goals, and monthly budgets are a great way to step into your marriage with a solid understanding of each other’s expectations when it comes to money, spending, and to be a joint account or not to be! Check out the Ramsey Show Podcast on this topic! 


Don't Forget Why You Are Getting Married!

So many times we get brides AND grooms who lose themselves during the process. They lean into thinking everything needs to be perfect and forget why they’re getting married.

LOVE! Love is the reason we are all here, and don’t forget that when you’re speaking to your vendors and any important person in your life. Be mindful and embrace all that comes with compassion!

This day will be great and also once it rolls around you have to trust that you’ve done all you can. Lead with love and kindness, and surely it will be the best day of your life!

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Are you ready to turn your next event into a flavor-packed affair?  We look forward to hearing from you!

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