The Best and Unique Day Date

The Best and Unique Day Date

Looking for the Best Fall Day Date To Do Near Astoria during October?  I have listed some of our favorite places below and a little back story on how it came to be.

Recently I listened to a  podcast from Jay Shetty, a lifestyle guru and author that I follow.   He has beautiful insight and wisdom on relationships, self-care, and emotional evolution. This podcast was about watching TV as a couple and that is the lowest form of connection and intimacy.

This insight hit me pretty hard, as my fiance and I have opposing schedules, which leads us to not seeing each other as much as we’d like and not having the energy to do much at night except turn the TV on and watch whatever episode we missed.

The next morning was our next day off together, and it also happened to be a beautiful fall day, so we decided to head out and make a date day out of it!   

Best Fall Day Date

Best Fall Day Date Cafe

The morning started with breakfast at Osprey Cafe, our favorite place in all of Clatsop County. Here we can sit outside under their heat with our pup, sip a mimosa, and eat delicious international comfort food.

The servers know our pup, Baggins, really well at this point and continually bring him a piece of bacon before serving us (which, being that he is my only child, I very much appreciate.) Our favorite dishes include the huevos rancheros with their incredible South American Apreas (corn and cheesecakes,) the Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice,) and the pancakes.

They use real maple syrup and butter! They also fresh bake a pastry of the day, which we usually munch with coffee before the main dishes come. I promise you will not regret going here. The food is excellent and thoughtful, and the service is perfect, but the people who work there are so fun and continually enhance the meal. 

Best Fall Day Date To Do Near Astoria Oregon

Best Fall Day Date To Do Near Astoria Second Stop

Next we decided to drive up the 101 and make our way over to Blackberry Bog Farm just a short drive outside of Astoria. This farm is charming and fun for all ages. As clues appeared, we started with a scavenger hunt through the micro pumpkin maze.  We then met one of the owners, Scott, who I eagerly began bombarding with questions about what I called yaks but stood corrected.

These adorable creatures are called Scottish Highland Cows and are so cute and love songs to be sung to them (which I did.) We then played a few rounds of corn hole (which I won) and proceeded to buy three pumpkins, a few leeks, some beautiful broccoli, and local honey and jam!

Going to the farm was such a cute and idyllic fall activity; as someone who loves food and cares about where it comes from, shopping local and supporting local agriculture left me with such a satisfying feeling. I highly recommend this gem of a place! 

Best Fall Day Date To Do Near Astoria Oregon

Best Fall Day Date Wine Bar

After getting to play kids for a couple of hours we then were off to Brut Wine Bar! I had been telling my fiance about this place for quite some time, and on our way home, it felt right to stop by and have a nice glass of wine outside.

This is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine and dogs are always allowed outside.  Lisa, the owner, was a wine rep for many years and truly knew her stuff without giving a uppity sommelier attitude. She generally always has a nice glass of Italian, which is my favorite.

If you are not sure what to order, describe your ideal preference.   She’ll have an incredible glass in your hand with just a swish and flick! (Harry Potter reference for all you muggles out there).

Mole Enchiladas

Last Stop On Our Day Excursion

Last but not least, the best Mexican food is the last stop on this perfect fall date day.  El Catrin, located in Warrenton, just after the bridge heading south, is our favorite dinner spot on the North Coast.

Librado makes some of the best margaritas with no added sugar and fresh ingredients like cilantro or jalapenos. This family-run restaurant will give you all the beautiful hospitality with all the authentic Mexican flavors. Librado’s wife, spends all day on Mondays preparing for the week and making her famous and delectable mole.

It is the best mole I’ve had in the US, so good that you will find me scrapping my plate. This family is so sweet, and being there with my love is an excellent way to end the day.  Love is in the air as Librado’s two daughters also work there. You can tell that they love serving their mothers food and are genuinely proud of their parents. 

This day date was great for my partner and me to get away from the TV and enjoy one another.   It was also a great way to support a community I love participating in. It was so much fun to experience one of the Best Fall Day Dates To Do Near Astoria that we have had in awhile.

It’s so weird to think that the Holiday Season is right around the corner.  I will remind myself to show up for all the shopping and delicious food this area has to offer. Making their holidays a little easier by shopping locally and saying Hi to those who make this community what it is. 

If you would like to stay home but enjoy the feeling of dining out, we are here to help!   Send us a message HERE  or check out our Seasonal Menus For Drop Off/Pick Up or For Full Service.   

We have you covered for all of your delicious Holiday Food needs!

Taylor B.

Taylor B.

Writing is fun, adventures are better but the hospitality is where my heart lies.

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