Personal Chef Experience

Personal Chef Experience

Considering a Personal Chef for your 2021 Gathering on the Oregon Coast?

Are you ready for your Personal Chef Experience?  I recently watched a comedy skit that joked about the extraordinary production arranged whenever “company was coming over” to their childhood home and it truly made me smile. 

It also led me to reflect on my own family’s gatherings and all the planning and effort that made them so memorable yet a bit stressful at times.   

As we begin to open our homes to visitors in a post Covid-19 time, the Sage Bleu team is here to help you with your plans.

Sharing with you a few reasons why you should consider hiring a personal chef  or private chef for your next occasion.

Personal Chef Experience

We have a lot of catching up to do

I have a feeling that when we can sit down at the table together again our conversations are going to carry on into the night.  Stay a while, we will heat up the post dinner espresso to pair with a velvety tiramisu trifle. 

Hiring a personal chef to prepare your meal is all about the experience. It allows you the opportunity to sit with your guests and share in those special moments without having to cook and clean.

Personal Chef Experience

A Personal chef with a custom experience

These months at home have left us longing for a visit to our favorite restaurants (which we hope will be back to bustling and in their full glory). We plan to support our friends in the restaurant industry more than ever but there are those special occasions where the comforts of home work best.

When you hire a personal chef you become the most important guest on the list. We will create a custom menu based on your preferences and event theme.  If there is a hard to find ingredient on your menu, we will tap our resources to bring it to your table.   

An in home dining experience allows you to decide on the timing of your meal. We typically plan a timeline in advance but remain flexible for the inevitable day-of -changes.

Experience the Behind the Scenes Magic

You look to the professionals for the best in sports and entertainment so why not to celebrate a milestone occasion?  Our downtime is often spent trying out new recipes and researching the best local purveyors. We delight in the opportunity to share a glimpse into our culinary world.

If you are hosting an occasion in a rental home, a personal chef can serve as your connection to a new area. We offer in home services along the Oregon Coast and will share a list of our favorite places to visit.  Not only noting about the elements and of course our favorite local flavors from each of our favorite restaurants.

Raising a Glass & The Bar

Hiring a personal chef may seem like a luxury to save for another day but your time is priceless. Not to mention there will be no parking, babysitter or corkage fees and no dishes.

A carefully prepared meal can transcend your next event experience. You are in good hands with the Sage Bleu team.

Vendor Credits:

  • Photographer: Brownyn Huddleson
  • Catering/Design: Sage Bleu Catering
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