5 Simple and Easy Tips For Your Holiday Dinner

5 Simple and Easy Tips For Your Holiday Dinner

5 Simple and Easy Tips For Your Holiday Dinner and some ideas for a holiday party menu. Let’s start planning that perfect holiday party by creating an ambiance and menu your will be raving about.

First you need to get out all of that old holiday decor and see what you have to work with.  You very well could have what you need sitting around in an old holiday box just waiting for its day to shine.

Second: Figure out your color scheme, for example something like pictured here.   A beautiful red, green and gold palette. There are many different options and it will depend on what you have on hand. A simple table runner of any style will make the colors pop.

Third: You can use old tree decorations of any sort or any holiday paper to write names on in an elegant and beautiful way. This will make your guests feel very special right from the start with their very own keep sake to take home.

Forth: Having a signature cocktail drink is a great way to be interactive as people are arriving and getting settled. This can be a simple spritzer or a fancy martini like this beautiful drink pictured here.

Fifth: Menu Making, this is the fun part!

Above all it is very important to keep in mind who is coming over for your holiday dinner.

Sometimes people may have allergies or a certain type of diet. Depending on the group then you will want to make sure to have something for everyone on the table.

Most importantly starting off with an appetizer, this can be any type of crostini. The one shown (whipped goat cheese with an orange cranberry topping) or another type suited to your liking. This one is festive and beautiful at the same time.

Next you will want to determine if you will have a soup or salad as a starter. If you don’t have soup bowls then you probably don’t want to do soup and vice versa with salad plates.

If you work with what you have then you won’t be scrambling to find it after the fact.Pictured here is a holiday inspired salad with arugula, cranberries, roasted beets, feta cheese and a homemade vinaigrette.

Highly recommend making your own salad dressing, it not only healthier but also a dairy free, gluten free and chemical free alternative.

Now you need to narrow down an entree option. With so many choices this could be the hard part, keep in mind your guests, your timing and what you are capable of the day of the dinner.

Pictured here is a bit more elaborate for an entree but oh is it worth it. For instance, these Seared Scallops with a homemade bacon tomato jam, this just might be one of the best flavor combos that you can put together. I mean who doesn’t love BACON??

If it is an extra fancy dinner then you could pick up a chocolate vanilla frosted cake from your local bakery for an extra  holiday touch.  Or if you like the traditional then a piece of simple pumpkin pie is just as yummy! In conclusion these 5 Simple and Easy Tips For Your Holiday Dinner tips will leave your guests raving.

If you don’t want to go through with all of this then contact Sage Bleu Catering for your next dinner party or special occasion.  We will create a custom menu for you and your guests that will always be an experience to remember.

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We can’t wait to start planning!

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