Celebrating A 90th Birthday in Style

Celebrating A 90th Birthday in Style

You should always celebrate the milestones in life and turning 90 is definitely one of them.  I had the pleasure of being a part of a 90th birthday brunch my second summer after starting Sage Bleu and I knew right away this had to be amazing for the birthday lady!

One of the best things about these party’s is that the family let’s someone like me; a total stranger in on such an intimate setting and sometimes I leave with a tear in my eye from the gratitude….

This was one of those timLet’s back track about the story behind this wonderful couple; Tom and Jan, they have been living in this house for 60 years over in Point Loma. It was such a beautiful home, full of character and full of love.es.

This is what the menu consisted of:
If you are having champagne you have to have fresh juices on hand. One of our specialty's is a fresh squeezed watermelon and strawberry lemonade. This is perfect for the summer months!
Starters were mini bite size crab cakes with garlic aioli, canteloupe wedges with prosciutto and then a salmon cucumber bite with dill cream cheese. Talk about yum!
For the entree I did what I call a Deconstructed Caprese Tower with grilled chicken to add some more protein. You can find the full recipe here.  
. This theme was very elegant, simple, refreshing and the tables ended up being beautiful!

Sage Bleu Catering is a different kind of catering company located on the Oregon Coast. The food and the outcome are made with just an overall love of all things delicious and visually appealing at the same time. With a mixture of fun, food and great flavors you are sure to have a wonderful dinner or event.

For anything social, graduation parties, life celebrations, awards ceremonies, anniversaries, baby showers, wedding showers and more! Call to discuss our many affordable menu packages.

Contact us today to get planning for your event or party near Astoria, Seaside Cannon Beach and Manzanita Oregon.  You deserve the best and we are here to help!

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